Branding + Strategy

More than just a logo that pops.

Today’s customers invest in brands that align with their values and beliefs. Your brand needs much more than just a logo to convince customers to make that investment.

The design part of this process is easy to understand. We can see it. Strategy, on the other hand, is a little more nebulous. In short, it is the compass that points the design in the direction of your customers. The branding that I do is great for small businesses who understand that design can’t exist without strategy.

Design Process

Here's how the whole thing works.

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In our initial conversation, I’ll review your needs, project scope, and timeline so everyone’s on the same page. You’ll receive a proposal so you know exactly what to expect. After contracts are signed and a deposit is made, you will receive your first bit of homework in the form of a simple questionnaire.
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During this 1-2 hour introductory Zoom call we will review your project outline and questionnaire. We’ll talk about big picture stuff like your business goals. I’ll also conduct a few branding exercises aimed at identifying customer profiles and brand personality. After our call, I’ll produce a strategy guide that sums up all the insight we gained from this session.
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After our creative kickoff, I’ll take our strategy document and dive headfirst into visual research mode. I’ll look at messaging from your competitors, logos, websites, and social media accounts. All of that research is presented in a moodboard that begins to identify a look, feel, and voice of your business.
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After the moodboard direction is approved, I’ll begin designing the main logo. You’ll receive a presentation of three logo concepts and an explanation of how each pertains to what we learned in our research phase. You’ll also see the concepts in action with a few application examples. My standard branding package includes up to three rounds of revisions. If you need more, we can add more for an additional fee. But I find that three rounds are almost always plenty.
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Once we are both satisfied with the brand, I will either begin designing any of the additional collateral we previously agreed to or prepare to handoff the final files. Larger projects like website design will usually require another kickoff meeting to discuss specific goals.
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In our wrap up phone call I will deliver a style guide that will be the instruction manual for your logo and brand assets. We will review that together and I will go over how to use all the files. Your style guide will include logo usage, colors, fonts, and messaging. After the final payment is made, I will send over all the files for your use!

Every brand is unique, but here’s a good place to start.

Typical Branding Scope

  • Questionnaire Exercise
  • Visual Research + Moodboard
  • Basic Brand Strategy
  • 3 Rounds of Logo Revisions
  • Main Logo, Secondary Logo, Icon
  • Color Palette + Typography System
  • Final Logo Files
  • User Guide PDF

Typical Timeline

Approximately 8-10 weeks and varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project.  I am often booked out 1-2 months ahead. Contact me for my availability.


Pricing varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project. A 50% deposit required at time of contract. Please contact me for my current rates.